World premier of my new song "Blue Wine."
Part II of my "Live From No Man's Land" series. (
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Check out these truth-tellers:
Mary Gauthier:  
Davin Hanson: 
Amy Andrews: 
Darrell Scott: 
Bart Budwig: 

What can I do to save music? 

1. Please support the artists you love. If we want to save music, we must buy music.  
2. Social media is powerful. "Sharing" posts, videos, songs from an artist you like widen that artists reach and is always appreciated. 
3. Buy music. Buy music directly from artists when possible. Go to concerts. If you're going to use a streaming service, pay for it. 
4. Don't let big money dictate your taste in art. The best art is not found on the end of a spoon... it's found on the end of a shovel. 

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